Our clinical training begins in the early years. Students acquire clinical competence through a well-designed programme consisting of simulation training, bedside teaching, clinical attachment in centres of excellence, and an advanced pre-internship course.

Intensive clinical exposure

Our students have perhaps the longest and broadest clinical exposure anywhere in the world. This ensures they are well exposed to all possible cases prevalent in Hong Kong, regardless of specialty. Our orthopaedics programme, for example, is the most exhaustive in the world - with seven weeks of exposure to musculoskeletal problems to provide our students with the training needed to meet one of the major problems of our aging population, notably osteoporosis.
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On-site placements in multiple specialties

Our students are sent to many hospitals for their clinical attachments and therefore become intimately familiar with Hong Kong's healthcare environment. Placements in various centres of excellence give them the opportunity to see innovative specialty work and provide options for novel career paths they might not have otherwise been exposed to.
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Access to medical records

CU Medicine was the first medical school to provide students with access to computerised patient medical records. This access to CMS records gives real, insightful and in-depth exposure to patients' clinical problems.
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Our students excel In clinical examination skills

With robust clinical exposures, real-patient clinical encounters and the enthusiastic involvement of our teachers, our students are known for their command of clinical examination skills - a consistent observation expressed by our overseas external examiners.
Overseas electives

Almost all our students do an overseas elective in their penultimate year. This option is actively supported by our Faculty, who make use of a vibrant network of partner institutions across the world to find placements for students.
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robust img 6In CU Medicine you can find the best medical teachers, including Professor KUMTA Shekhar Madhukar, who is the only medical teacher in Hong Kong to have received the UGC Teaching Award.
Staff with a passion for teaching

Students of CU Medicine have noted that our teachers bring an unbridled sense of enthusiasm to their work. Many local and international awards have been won by our teaching staff, including Professor KUMTA Shekhar Madhukar, who is the only medical teacher in Hong Kong to have received the UGC Teaching Award.
Preparation for real-world medicine

At CU Medicine, we strongly believe that students should be trained in the most authentic way possible. To ensure they are best equipped for professional work, we secure internships for our students immediately after graduation. Indeed, CU Medicine was the first to start an assistant internship programme in the territory. Under this programme, students in their final years shadow interns and learn at first-hand the skills and procedures required of them as interns. This closely-supervised, well-mentored programme accounts for why CU interns are rated the best in Hong Kong.