During their first years with us, students build a solid foundation in medical science, take well-structured bridging courses and acquire knowledge, skills, and competence through a variety of innovative platforms.

Hands-on dissection

We take special pride in our modern dissection laboratory - one of the finest in the world. Unlike many other institutions, we have retained hands-on dissection as an integral and important part of teaching anatomy. Students learn valuable lessons from these "silent teachers" and develop a deep sense of gratitude and respect for those who have donated their bodies to science.
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Surgery as it happens

Guided exposure to live surgery is another unique component of our programme. During interactive group sessions, students are taken through all the important steps of a surgical procedure. Watching the surgery via a live high resolution video enables students to observe details of the procedure and to ask questions of the operating team, all while being guided by a tutor who facilitates this interaction. Through this approach, students are able to gain a close-up view of the surgical procedure as well as regional anatomy. It is a fascinating and compelling way to learn.

What is a flipped classroom?

Our students are well prepared for interactions in the classroom and often put their professors on the spot. This is a concept we call the "flipped classroom" in which students interact directly with the lecturer or tutor. This powerful learning approach not only empowers students but gives them unique insights into the course content.
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E-Learning for the modern world

Our students are provided numerous E-learning resources, strategically delivered in a way that facilitates the acquisition of key knowledge and skills. Often more effective than traditional methods, E-Learning has been shown in studies to have a long-lasting impact on student learning.
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