1. I have reached the minimum requirements of HKDSE for the MBChB programme. Does that mean I will be admitted?
All students have to be interviewed before they can receive an admission offer. Students have to meet the minimum requirements for each subject and for the examination overall before being offered an interview. Because of intense competition, not all students interviewed will eventually be admitted, but students with better performance in HKDSE results and interview will have a higher chance of receiving an admission offer.

2. Is there a quota for JUPAS or non-JUPAS places for admission?
We do not set specific quotas for JUPAS and non-JUPAS places as we prefer to select students we consider the most capable and best suited to become tomorrow's generation of new doctors.

3. What is the purpose of the admission interview?
We set out to recruit the very best students. We expect our applicants to have not only an excellent academic record but also a keen interest in the medical discipline, high ethical standards, leadership qualities and the ability to work in a team, good interpersonal communications skills and, above all, a strong desire to care for people. Academic competence is assessed mainly by exam performance while the remaining qualities are assessed at an admission interview.

4. Who is eligible for an admission interview?
In general, students will only be selected for an admission interview if they can achieve the expected minimum scores in exam performance. The minimum expected scores for an admission interview in a particular year are based on the admission statistics of the prior year, so it may vary from year to year. The table below summarises the minimum scores of 2015 admission interview.

Minimum Scores

41 (total score of all subjects)

42 (including bonus points; 3 Higher Level subjects (including Chemistry and/ or Biology of grades 6,7,7)

GCE A-level
4A* and all subjects > 93% (including Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics)

SAT composite score of > 2200; ACT ≥ 34

≥ 99.50

Degree Holder
GPA of ≥ 3.8; or First Class Honours; or Top 10% of the class

SAT=Standardized test. ACT=American College Testing. ATAR=Australian Tertiary Admission Rank; please refer to the Admission Notes for more details on minimum expected scores and requirements for undergraduates. internal transfer and other categories.
5. When are the admission interviews held?
There are several rounds of interviews. The first round of interviews, probably in April, are for students with outstanding academic performance (e.g. high predicted IB scores and/or outstanding GCE-AS and GCSE results). In May, interviews are held for JUPAS students with an interest in either MBChB or GPS programme from Band A list. In June, interviews are held for students under special JUPAS schemes such as the School Principals' Nomination Scheme and Sports Scholarship Scheme. The last interviews will be held in late July after the release of all exam results for all remaining eligible students. Degree holders and undergraduate applicants may also be interviewed before July or August.

For interview schedule in 2018, please click here.

6. What happens at the admission interview?
Students are interviewed individually by two panel members. Questions will be asked to explore the student's interest in medicine, general knowledge about health care, opinions about ethics and humanism, and teamwork, leadership and communication.